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Create tasks for your all team members like cleaners and billing departments

  • How to use the Task feature? plus-icon minus-icon

    Task feature To learn more, watch our special webinar here  In this article, we will explain: How to create a manual task How to create an auto task  How to change the task status Add a checklist to a task Add a note Add cost Add resolution Add a...
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  • Checklist Templates plus-icon minus-icon

    Checklist Templates When you create an auto task like 'Check reservation', you might have several steps or sub-tasks you need to go over. For example, sub-tasks can include: check if the payment has been made, check if the transport is needed, che...
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  • How to manage and assign tasks plus-icon minus-icon

    Manage your tasks Within the Hostaway software, you are able to create tasks and assign them to a User. When the task is created, it will notify the user that a new task is waiting.Learn more about User Notification These tasks can be anything tha...
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  • Tasks module FAQ plus-icon minus-icon

    Task Frequently Asked Questions Will tasks get cancelled if my reservation is cancelled? Yes, the task will automatically be cancelled if the reservation is cancelled. Unless the task was modified from the mobile app. Will the tasks schedule be mo...
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  • Tasks in Dashboard and Mobile App plus-icon minus-icon

    Tasks in Dashboard and Mobile App When you use the tasks function in your Hostaway software, you have 3 great ways of keeping track of the tasks assigned to you or those you manage. You can view tasks by: Tasks overview page Tasks calendar page T...
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