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Connect your Expedia properties to the channel manager

  • Expedia: Connection with Hostaway plus-icon minus-icon

    How to connect Hostaway to Expedia? Important to read before connecting Expedia only exports reservations made 30 days before the connection date for future check-ins Missing reservations need to be added as direct bookings in Hostaway to block ...
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  • Expedia: FAQs plus-icon minus-icon

    How do I connect to Expedia? Follow the steps in this article to connect your Expedia account to the Hostaway Dashboard.   Can I export listings to Expedia? Currently, there is no possibility to export Hostaway listings to Expedia. Listings will h...
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  • Expedia: Reservation Room Modification plus-icon minus-icon

    Expedia Reservation Listing Modification For some Expedia accounts, it is allowed for guests to change the listing they booked after reservation. Currently, these room changes are not supported in the Channel Manager API. We recommend you make sur...
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  • Expedia: Reservation Freeze plus-icon minus-icon

    How to Freeze an Expedia Reservation in Hostaway The Hostaway channel manager offers the option to set an Expedia reservation in Freeze mode. This allows you to edit the reservation manually inside Hostaway to update your listing calendar with the...
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  • Expedia: Guest Credit Card Payment plus-icon minus-icon

    Expedia & Credit Cards When Expedia requires you to handle guest payments, the Hostaway software can forward the credit card details to the connected payment provider. To receive the card details, you need to ask your Expedia Account manager to ac...
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  • Expedia: Guest Messaging plus-icon minus-icon

    Expedia Guest Messaging To send messages to the guests from Expedia, the Expedia guest email proxy address needs to be included in the reservation details. You can ask your Expedia account manager to activate this option for your channel managemen...
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