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Find out more about your Hostaway subscription, payment method and cancellations

  • Understand your Hostaway Invoices plus-icon minus-icon

    Understanding your Hostaway invoices Hostaway charges you according to the number of listings you have in your account. Important: Even if a listing is not connected to any channel, you will be charged for it.   How much am I charged per listing? ...
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  • Account & Billing: FAQs plus-icon minus-icon

    Account & Billing: FAQs What is considered a "listing" for my account? A listing is any manually created or imported listing that gets its own Hostaway listing ID number. Listings can be created in many forms and do not specifically rely on a "pro...
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  • How to add/delete a credit card in Hostaway? plus-icon minus-icon

    How to add/delete a credit card? Add a credit card This is about how you should use a credit card to pay your monthly Hostaway subscription. This is not about how a guest can add a Credit Card. If you need to add a credit card because you have los...
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  • Cancel your Hostaway Account plus-icon minus-icon

      How to cancel your Hostaway account? Sign in to your Hostaway account Go to the Settings section Select Account Click on the red button Deactivate Account To assist you with your request, one of our dedicated Customer Success Managers will b...
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