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  • Airbnb: Update your listing content plus-icon minus-icon

    How to update your listing content and push the update to Airbnb? When making changes to the listing content, you will need to save and export them to Airbnb. To find out if a field is syncing with a channel, you can identify these fields by readi...
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  • Airbnb: Export Hostaway listings to Airbnb plus-icon minus-icon

    How to create/export a Hostaway listing to Airbnb? Exporting a Hostaway listing to Airbnb will create a listing in Airbnb. If the listing is already connected to Airbnb you should not use this feature to send it again since it will create duplicat...
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  • Airbnb: listing content update - Saving option plus-icon minus-icon

    Saving options and updating listing content from Hostaway to Airbnb Once connected with Airbnb, the content-related changes should be done directly in Hostaway. Calendar updates (prices, min LOS, availability) will be synced with Airbnb automatica...
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