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    McM-Serviced Apartments

    What is the purpose of the "mark-up" if it doesn't ensure that you receive your base price after accounting for the booking platform or website's payment processing fee?

    You just add 15%.

    We are able to set the base rate and add the fees of a platform to make sure, we're getting our nightly rate we want, correct?

    So if I want 100 EUR and you add 15% Airbnb to 115 EUR, then Airbnb charges us 17.25 EUR. 15% of 115 is 17.25. So we only get 97.75 EUR instead our wish base rate of 100EUR.

    If I want 100 EUR per night and want to put the markup to 15% for Airbnb, the formula is 100EUR/85×100. Not 100EUR + 15%. So I get 117.647 as nightly rate. This minus 15% Airbnb Fees is 100.

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