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Zapier - connect to thousands of apps

  • Zapier Hostaway App plus-icon minus-icon allows you to connect to more than 3500 different software companies and services. Zapier allows you to trigger an action based on an event in your Hostaway account. In 2021 we released the Hostaway Zapier App to be used with your accou...
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  • All Hostaway Zapier templates plus-icon minus-icon

    With the Hostaway Zapier app you can sync your reservation data with 3500+ different software companies out there. Below you find an overview of all templates we have pre-build for you to be used. When you can not find a template you can easily se...
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  • Zapier filter reservation events plus-icon minus-icon

    The Hostaway Zapier trigger for New / Updated reservations provides you with all your reservation events in one trigger setup. This makes it very easy to use with all the great other tools you can connect your zap to on How to trigger ...
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