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Connect TripAdvisor rental channel and the PMS software of Hostaway

  • TripAdvisor/Flipkey Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) plus-icon minus-icon

    Tripadvisor FAQ How do I connect to TripAdvisor/Flipkey?  You can connect to TripAdvisor/Flipkey by either of the following: If you have less than 25 listings available, you can connect your TripAdvisor/Flipkeyaccount via iCal to the dashboard. If...
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  • Flipkey (TripAdvisor) Guest Messaging plus-icon minus-icon

    Tripadvisor Guest Messaging To send messages to Flipkey guests, their email addresses must be included in the reservation details. If email details are not relayed, you can ask your Flipkey account manager to activate this option for your channel ...
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  • Flipkey (TripAdvisor) Reservation Sync Time plus-icon minus-icon

    Tripadvisor Reservation Sync time TripAdvisor reservations are imported every 2 hours into the Hostaway software. Blocking dates based on other channel reservations are exported to TripAdvisor 5 minutes up to 15 minutes after they appear on your H...
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  • Flipkey (TripAdvisor) Content API plus-icon minus-icon

    Tripadvisor content API If you manage 25 or more listings, with Hostaway software you are eligible to request a 1-way API connection. To create a new account on Tripadvisor, please fill in this web form. API Features Export New Listings Daily Lis...
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  • Connection Tripadvisor by XML (content API) plus-icon minus-icon

    Connection Tripadvisor by XML (content API) If you don´t have the account created yet on Tripadvisor, you can do it by filling this web form. Hostaway is proud to say that you can apply for a special XML connection with TripAdvisor! You can signup...
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  • How to connect to TripAdvisor? (Ical) plus-icon minus-icon

    How to connect to TripAdvisor? (Ical) The Hostaway software allows you to connect your listings in 2 different ways. If you don't have your listings in Tripadvisor and If you have 25 or more listings, you can get a special connection that allo...
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