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  • Celeste

    Hi Stéphanie!

    1. If you mean to book more than one room/property at a time in the Booking Engine, that is not possible. If a guest needs to book more than one property they will have to book twice.

    2. If you want to set up the auto-charge to charge the guest's credit card 2 months before check-in you'll need to set it up in the auto-charge section. You then need to select the Booking Engine auto-charge (Website) and set up the charge at 2 days before check-in (pic below)
    Let me know if this helps!

  • Evangelos

    Are there plans for number 1. 

    I have asked the same over a year ago to the Hostaway team and I was told we are looking at it. In many cases the lack of this option is preventing use from getting direct booking vs bookings from platforms such us etc...


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