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This is a legacy connection that does not work anymore. However, some Hostaway users might still see this connection

  • Change Airbnb email address Update September 2023 plus-icon minus-icon

    Changes to Airbnb email forwarding September 2023. Airbnb has notified us that starting September 30, 2023, the old email forwarding proxy email system both for guest reservation proxy emails as well as account level proxy emails if still used wil...
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  • Good-bye Airbnb Basic - Hello Airbnb Pro plus-icon minus-icon

    Announcement: Airbnb Basic will be depreciated 2020/09/07 During the last 1 1/2 years, Hostaway and Airbnb have been working on the implementation of the new Airbnb Pro API program. During this time, all clients were informed about migrating all l...
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  • Upgrade to Airbnb Pro plus-icon minus-icon

    Upgrade to Airbnb Pro The Airbnb Basic connection was a first connection set out to allow data exchange with Airbnb. This data exchange was not fully supported on API level, for example, access authentication was done through username/password (no...
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