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Hostaway Early Access and Migration Programs inform you about new functions and you can sign up for as an early Beta user

  • What are Hostaway Migration Programs plus-icon minus-icon

    What are Hostaway Migration Programs? At Hostaway we day in day out release new functions and improvements for the software. These are tested internally and by our group of early access users. In some cases, the updates to the Hostaway software re...
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  • Join Hostaway early access program plus-icon minus-icon

    What is Hostaway early access program? Early access customers are typically those who like to try out new functions and software as soon as possible. All around the globe in many companies, a selected group of external early access users sign-up f...
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  • How to use WhatsApp plus-icon minus-icon

    You'll be able to communicate by WhatsApp by selecting the following option in the guest communication thread:If you don't see this option in your account please contact (The support team might need to activate the feature for...
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  • Understanding how to use Whatsapp Business Message Templates plus-icon minus-icon

    As per Whatsapp's Business rules, in order to start a conversation with your guest a pre-made message template needs to be used.Hostaway provides you with four pre-made, Whatsapp-approved message templates that can be used over and over. At this t...
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