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We connect to Pricelabs, BeyondPricing and Wheelhouse

  • How to connect to Nightpricer? plus-icon minus-icon

    Connect to NightPriceNightPricer is an Artificial Intelligent pricing software for your short-term rental. Nightpricer finds that nightly pricing “sweet spot” and maximizes your property’s revenue every night of the year. If your new user, you ca...
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  • How to connect with Beyond Pricing plus-icon minus-icon

    Hostaway and Beyond Pricing In order to connect your Hostaway account, you will first need to email BeyondPricing support at: Let them know that you would like to connect your Hostaway account and they will enable it for...
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  • How to connect with Pricelabs plus-icon minus-icon

    Note: Pricelabs will push rates to Hostaway every 24hours.Please avoid clicking on the "Sync Now" button. It might result in Hostaway blocking the Pricelabs updates.   Please note that Pricelabs does not control any availability for any PMS. Conne...
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  • How to connect Hostaway to Wheelhouse? plus-icon minus-icon

    Connecting your Hostaway account with Wheelhouse is simple: On Hostaway First, you need to find your Hostaway ID and API key. To do so: Go to Hostaway. Go to  Settings > Hostaway API Under the Hostaway Public API, you will find: Click on th...
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  • How to connect to Rented plus-icon minus-icon

    Rented is an automated rate tool with rate management services. Note that the connection is passing through Pricelabs. You will need to create an account with Pricelabs. But contact for more information.   To connect to Rented, you will...
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  • How to Connect Your Hostaway Account to DPGO plus-icon minus-icon

    DPGO is a dynamic pricing tool for hosts, vacation rental owners, and short-term rental managers. This software manages prices and availability rates easily with data-driven insights and extensive knowledge of your target market.Connecting your Ho...
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