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We connect to YourWelcom, CheKin and Wishbox

  • How to connect to Minut? plus-icon minus-icon

    Connect to Minut The integration between Minut and your PMS will allow you to sync your Minut properties with your PMS guest data. If loud noise is detected at a property, the guest will automatically receive a message, letting them know to keep i...
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  • How to connect to Trust-d? plus-icon minus-icon

    Connect to Trust-d Trustd is a new and innovative Guest Trust solution, based on a proprietary AI algorithm. In addition to guest screening, Trustd uniquely focuses on guest behaviour, and delivers a platform-independent, global Guest Trust Metri...
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  • Connecting YourWelcome plus-icon minus-icon

    YourWelcome is a subscription service that includes a customised 8 inch tablet device with pre-installed YourWelcome software. With YourWelcome, you can also upload your property details and any services you want to offer your guests. You can conn...
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  • Syncing Hostaway Listings in YourWelcome plus-icon minus-icon

    After connecting both of your YourWelcome account and Hostaway, you'll need to sync your Hostaway listings to your properties in YourWelcome. There are two options available: 1. You can search for the listing and select the existing property - rec...
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  • How to connect to CheKin? plus-icon minus-icon

    Welcome! We are glad you have opted for our solution! This is a quick guide to show you how to connect your Hostaway account to CheKin’s dashboard! How to connect You first have to enter your Hostaway account and go to the Hostaway API settings ...
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  • How to connect to Duve? plus-icon minus-icon

    We welcome a new partnership with the Hostaway offering: Duve. Duve is the leading cloud-based platform, built to manage guest experience for vacation rental agencies, boutique hotels, and private hosts automatically. You'll need to register for ...
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