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  • Airbnb: Connect Airbnb account (Overview) plus-icon minus-icon

    Connect to Airbnb Before starting, make sure to review the Airbnb limitations and recommendations. To learn more please watch this video. Connect an Airbnb account to Hostaway Please follow the next steps to connect an Airbnb account to Hostaw...
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  • Airbnb: limitations & recommendations plus-icon minus-icon

    Airbnb: limitations & recommendations Before connecting The listing is active (listed) You are the owner of the Airbnb account and ensure you are not a co-host account. As a Co-Host, you will not be able to import listings Your listing does not u...
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  • Airbnb: Connection lost (Change of Airbnb password) plus-icon minus-icon

    Airbnb connection lost due to Airbnb password being updated What does it mean? The API connection between Hostaway and Airbnb might be lost on the Airbnb side. This means that data will stop being synced (reservations, calendar updates, messages, ...
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