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Connect unlimited rental channels to the Hostaway PMS software

  • Partner Reservations (Public API) plus-icon minus-icon

    Reservations that are received from partners who use Hostaway Public API for eg: ICND are recorded under the new channel "Partners". Partners use the public API but the reservations were coming as Direct reservations previously but now they will ...
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  • Custom iCal Reservation Sync Time plus-icon minus-icon

    Syncing reservations by iCal is a traditional way that takes generally 30 minutes up to multiple days in order to complete. Custom iCal reservations are imported every 30-60 minutes into the Hostaway software. For exporting, it would depend on the...
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  • Custom iCal Import and Export plus-icon minus-icon

    With the Hostaway software, you can directly connect the channels Airbnb,, Expedia, Vrbo and Tripadvisor  When you use other vacation rental channels, you might wish to connect them to the Hostaway software. In order to connect these c...
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  • Connect Custom iCal plus-icon minus-icon

    How to connect an existing property from other rental sales channel to Hostaway About this channel manager sync option When you have a listing on any other channel other than those currently listed, you might still have the option to sync reservat...
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