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  • Airbnb: Import/Map a listing plus-icon minus-icon

    Import/Map a Hostaway listing to Airbnb To add or map a new Airbnb listing please follow the next steps: Go to your Hostaway Dashboard > Channel Manager > Channels > Configure In the account list, click on Import & Mapping Depending on what you n...
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  • Airbnb: STR listing license plus-icon minus-icon

    Airbnb STR license In various countries and cities, you will need a valid license for your short-term rental property. Without this license, your listing might not be published or can only accept guests staying for a minimum of 30 days.   When you...
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  • Airbnb: Suspended listings on Airbnb plus-icon minus-icon

    Suspended listings on Airbnb When a listing is suspended by the Airbnb Trust & Safety team, it starts generating sync errors which eventually will stop the information syncing between Hostaway and Airbnb. Hostaway will flag these listings with thi...
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