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  • Request to Book plus-icon minus-icon

    How to use's Request to Book?'s Request to Book functionality allows you to review a reservation request before accepting or declining it, providing an alternative to the classic Instant Book model. Activating this feature ...
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  • Report a credit card as invalid plus-icon minus-icon

    What should you do if a card is declined? If a credit card is declined on one of your reservations: Go to your Hostaway Dashboard > Reservations Select the reservation > Scroll down until you find Payment > Click on Payment Click on "...
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  • Reporting No-Shows plus-icon minus-icon

    Using the No-Show option for  If a guest does not show up and you decide to waive the charges, it is important to mark the reservation as a no-show. Reporting a no-show and waiving the fee will prevent you from paying the c...
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