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Rental Agreement - examples



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    Richard L.

    We Googled "rental agreement STR" and tried to find the best option for us. There is plenty and it is not super easy to find the right fit for you. Also, you will want a lawyer from your area to review yours once it is done as well. 

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    Hi Westrey!

    We have no specific recommendation as the Rental Agreement you choose depends on your location and needs. 

    Normally the Agreement should at least include: Property info, Guest info, capacity limits, min and max stay, house rules, cancellation policy

    Before finalizing any legally binding document we recommend seeking the advice of an attorney, also your agreement should be revised and updated often in order to adhere to any changing local or state laws. 

    Once you have it ready you can send Rental Agreements automatically after every booking is finalized, check how here.

    Also, Here is the Rental Agreement FAQ.


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